Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Party Tasks - Should You Own Them All?

It's that time of year again. Bet you didn't think it would come around this quickly, did you? It's time to plan your child's birthday party. The question is, how much should you have to do and how much would be better off in someone else's hands?

The Cake
I know some fabulous bakers who make brilliant cakes. Your friends will be impressed. But my favorite cakes are those baked by the parent with love and sometimes even decorated by the siblings and/or the party child. Nothing says "sweet" like the memorable picture of a slightly lopsided buttercream icing cake. (I threw in the buttercream for myself.)

The Decorations
It's so darned easy to run out to your local party supply store and pick up those Barbie hats, plates, balloons, streamers, loot bag contents. But if you're going for unique, less expensive and more personal, it's time to think outside of the party box. Homemade decorations are a huge hit. They allow you to be creative (with or without your child) and your party guests will be suitably impressed. Some of you are scoffing right now and rightly so. You're very busy! So how about this: Nothing says "party" like balloons. Lots of them. So many that you beg your guests to take some home. Helium filled? Expensive to order, but do-it-yourself tanks won't last nearly as long as "ready blown" (they put some chemical in the balloon to make it more airtight), so spend the extra to have them last longer.
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