Monday, May 3, 2010

Party Food ~ A Princess Party

When planning a princess party, inspiration for the food can come from a traditional tea party. Delicate sandwiches made with pink dyed bread can be ordered from your grocery store's bakery. I don't recommend green, as the bread looks moldy. Ask them to slice the bread horizontally and then spread peanut butter (if no nut allergies), cream cheese, Cheez Whiz, egg salad, and jam. Roll the bread and then slice it to make pinwheels. Crustless triangle or finger sandwiches with lunch meats provide a variety of shapes for visual interest.

Line the serving dishes with paper doilies. Have colorful floral napkins on hand to add flourish to the display. Use multi-level serving dishes and adorn them with silk flowers. Scatter silk petals on the table.

Hot chocolate served in a mini tea set will add to the fun. Instead of a birthday cake, have mini cupcakes that the guests can decorate with sprinkles and royal icing roses (from a bulk food store). Delicate and feminine is the feel you are going for with a princess theme!


  1. Love the ideas. We are planning a flower party this month. We are making tissue paper flowers, the kids are going to pot their own flowers and we are going to make flower sandwiches. I bought a flower cookie cutter and strawberry and cream cheese inside.

  2. Fantastic! I don't know if you ever saw this on our Facebook fan page, but I came across a very cute flower pot ice cream cake. Here's the link:

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