Monday, July 4, 2011

Favourite Movies with Birthdays!

Any movie with a birthday scene cannot help but add cheer as we are reminded of our own important day. Here are some of my favourite birthday scenes.

Who wouldn't love an Uncle Buck who goes all out for you on your special day? (hey, when you're only parenting for a few days, it's easy to have all that energy!) How about the handling of the clown? Nobody messes with Uncle Buck. Nobody.

The dreaded pinata! If you've ever had success with one of these suckers then you deserve a medal! The helium scene falls under the category of "don't try this at home." We mean it. Don't.

"We ate za cake." "Do the roar." Typical birthday party! ;-)

"It was my best birthday ever coach." Too bad it took a live snake and an overinflated jumpy castle for it to happen. Wouldn't every party be save if you a football team on hand?

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