Monday, March 21, 2011

Handing Over the Trust

I recently had the chance to try ziplining, rapelling and snorkelling in a cinote (underground cave with water). This was in Mexico, for a trip I won, AND it was my birthday. Maybe that combination set the stage for me to be open to experiencing these new, scary things.
All I know is, when I ascended the wooden stairs of the tower to do the first zipline, I was handing over the trust. Handing it to our guide Roberto. Handing it to the tour operator. In that moment, the fear was replaced by excitement. I went on to love every minute of that and the rapelling without hesitation.
In the cinote, I lost that feeling for a moment. I thought we were supposed to dive under the stalactites that hit the water. I couldn't breathe. In THAT moment, I learned to breathe. The panic went away.
A little while after that I was snorkelling in Akumel to see the turtles. The waves were high and relentless and the fear returned. Once again, I made myself breathe and the panic went away.
At my birthday party back home this past Saturday, I had such a thrill when there were snakes, lizards, and even a tarantula to hold. I handed over the trust and by doing so, I could totally enjoy the experience: the touch, the look, even the smell.
What have the past couple of weeks taught me? By handing over the trust and remembering to breathe I can live, really live every moment of my life.

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