Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Quickest SPECIAL Cake That You Will Ever Make

Very special thanks to Lisa McDonald, a.k.a. @those2girls for her guest blog. This fun poem produces a very special cake! (You can even rap to it. I tried.)

The quickest SPECIAL cake
That you will ever make:

It’s an important date,
So don’t sit around and wait!

Find your favourite Jello flavour
That your guests will savour,

What soon will become
The SPECIAL cake second to none!

You still have time to get the house spiffy
Because the gourmet part is done is a jiffy.

The fact is, it becomes swirly
As you make it a DAY EARLY!

Where do you start?
Well here’s the best part.

Grab a regular white cake mix;
Soon it will do tricks.

Bake as directed
But soon it will perfected.

Let your cake cool -
That it the rule.

Now time for Jello that you next make
But don’t refrigerate!

Instead, grab a fork
And pop holes in the cake (no I’m not a dork!)

Now grab your liquidy Jello
And pour over the cake, but be mellow.

Next you grab some Cool Whip topping;
You’re almost done, so no stopping!

Slather it all over the cake’s top
And into the fridge, but be careful don’t slop

When you wake the next day,
You are free to yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You see they think you will have slaved
Because one MARBLED cake is what you made.

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